Polly G Kemp

Pigments Of The Imagination

I am only trying to help people see things more clearly by putting the world into sharper focus. It is easier for me to communicate ideas, moods and impressions in a painting than in a prose. My perception of the world is unabashedly positive and tidy. That's why these are called naive paintings.

 ~ Polly G Kemp

I find painting easier than writing. I believe in theory that one picture is worth a thousand words, many of which are difficult for me to spell.    ~ Polly G Kemp

I believe the prime value of a painting is how it makes you feel about things. I don't want want to paint dismal pictures or make heavy social statements. We all realize life is not always a field of daisies... I just want to keep reminding people that the daisies are still there.   

 ~ Polly G Kemp


‚ÄčAnything I see or read can, possibly, suggest a painting. Half my pictures grow from a seed of truth, half are pure fiction. Sometimes I forget which are which.    ~ Polly G Kemp